If you are looking for an authentic experience of the French way of life, Burgundy is for you.

Relatively untouched by mass tourism, Burgundy is where French people head if they want to indulge in sublime food and wine. Indeed, the excellent food and world-famous wine have given birth to a gastronomic paradise where in the same day you can taste local wine in a thirteenth century vaulted cellar, lunch on a coq au vin in a rustic bistro, and experience a once-in-a-lifetime dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant.

Yet Burgundy has so much to offer beyond its tables and wine cellars; picturesque winemaking villages whose ancient stone houses cluster around the church steeples, local markets offering up a dizzying array of farm-raised vegetables, delectable cheeses, and so much more, biking and walking paths which meander through the rolling hills and vineyards…In this special region of France every day provides the opportunity for a new adventure.

And best of all are the Burgundians themselves who in a true reflection of their region are proud, generous, stubbornly loyal to tradition, and close to the earth. Come stay with us, and learn the richness of real life in Burgundy.